If I Don’t Start Now, When?

The urge to write,
I haven’t felt in a long-ever.
Still familiar,
Envisioning myself with a pencil and pad of paper in hand,
Here I am.
Glimpses of stories,
Settings, characters, a method, time.
Plug into place,
Plod away at the click-clack of keys,
Scratch of pencil on paper,
Take care, hands.
His guide all said and done.
This world, I have to tell.
(Listen up,
It’s gonna be a good one!)

For 24-Hours

One answer>
could you love me for one day>

Your mugshot,
Remember me/

Hey there,
Where have you been?

Thousands are sending me
Mail to be addressed to
You and your family.

Trials of self-confidence.
Maybe your mother, too.
I couldn’t stop.

Finally, the end of hard health,
Changes are coming.
Is this you>

America, America,
From desktop to inbox

Know Your Roots
Take Action
Educate Yourself About Yourself
Pay the Price of Freedom

(your worth
only enjoys the beauties
of today.)

You have been given a special peek
at my ages throughout time
while you drive,
looking for dirt.

paper talks,
streets safe;
sleep well,
shark tank.

Stars, hearts, two of a trusted tomorrow,
There-there, now.
We made a mistake.
Let me be your One and Only!
Let me consume you authentic-honest,
You, the most incredible, heart pounding
Rivers, rivers, rivers meet/

Let me solve your problems.

want you to see

you’ve already won waiting
& beyond blocks
the Above has unlocked

Do you remember?
Do you remember?
One answer<
could you love me for one day<


Well, there you have it.
It’s very obvious why
I distrust my own

Creative leanings.

There has been a fair
Amount of disastrous

Undermining to my
Inherent abilities.
But I’m on the upswing.

I know better by now.
Deepening trust in myself,
In my own intuition.
My true core of magic and creation,

Fundamentally birthed of my
Imagination and creative prowess,
I have been working towards this

Dream-life in roundabout ways
For so many years,
Walking this maze,
Going in circles to avoid the
Minefields in my mind.

Now is the time.
It is my calling to bring them into the light.
The stories and images inside me
Have a right to life.