For 24-Hours

One answer>
could you love me for one day>

Your mugshot,
Remember me/

Hey there,
Where have you been?

Thousands are sending me
Mail to be addressed to
You and your family.

Trials of self-confidence.
Maybe your mother, too.
I couldn’t stop.

Finally, the end of hard health,
Changes are coming.
Is this you>

America, America,
From desktop to inbox

Know Your Roots
Take Action
Educate Yourself About Yourself
Pay the Price of Freedom

(your worth
only enjoys the beauties
of today.)

You have been given a special peek
at my ages throughout time
while you drive,
looking for dirt.

paper talks,
streets safe;
sleep well,
shark tank.

Stars, hearts, two of a trusted tomorrow,
There-there, now.
We made a mistake.
Let me be your One and Only!
Let me consume you authentic-honest,
You, the most incredible, heart pounding
Rivers, rivers, rivers meet/

Let me solve your problems.

want you to see

you’ve already won waiting
& beyond blocks
the Above has unlocked

Do you remember?
Do you remember?
One answer<
could you love me for one day<


day by day
slowly, surely
into decay

oxygen leaks out
into ether
replaced by toxins
replenished by waste

the existential conundrums
as we hit fan blades
event horizons
in time-space

black holes,
our own egos
coming to pieces
at last

resistance is
ripping atoms
in ecstasy

pushed over the edge
of the universal hotbed
we were birthed in
here –

– we are at Home
in this galaxy of lights
glistening at the
far ends of other

wormholes, warm and
whole, suckling at Mother
Milky Way’s breast and bawling,
“but, God! I’m the one

who tries too hard
because I don’t know how to be anything
but an authentic and sincere
sad son of a bitch”

how beautiful it is
to be cared for
and contented,

nowhere to go
but to grow
up and out
and into this



It seems I can’t ever quite
hear you clearly, and I
never know if it’s just
the distance or maybe the
mountains between us
to blame. All the same,
the sound of your garbled
voice amid the static
is … … … … … … … … … …

Enter the Pocket Portal

Enter the pocket portal,

Free activation

Of your slim observations,

Lightweight accountability,

And easy distractability.

That screen so often seems

Brighter than you, dear.

Stop compromising your clarity.

Put down the digital display

And you will be delivered

From darkness

Into the highest definition

Of this dimension of light.

Sharper and more vivid

Than fiber optics

Could ever deceive.

Experience this with me.

Let’s move beyond multitasking

And start asking questions

Face to face.

Move your fingers between mine

And interlace with my interface.

Caress me with those prints

Your phone knows better

Than any human has had a chance to.

I promise, I can learn

What your next move will be –

And meet you halfway –

We are synchronizing.

Stay a while and surf

These waves of reality.