my dear
the truth is
stop talking.
do you love filtered perfection/protection?
do you love feel in-your-blood deserved?
painted, like it, hate it.
sick-hot as a match,
you asked for me to
never stop
get the keys, love
trim your insecurities
tired of fakes, buddy,
block me,
block me,
uniform hurt black and blue bruised
internal organs’ dark matter
help start the healing
integrity means learning to
call me back
plain and simple,

“but, is it really you…?”

lifted, driven,
reaching the outer-limits,
the bones of us
lift and dive after our spirits,
coming along for the ride.

“after you, after you, dear.”
wish, receive.

eminent and verdant,
leasing reverent hands,
luminous transference ending the good day,
it’s not iffy, time’s up, you’re due,
please and release to be approved.

as talos, we remove the nail,
ichor like molten lead runs out and through.

third party intelligence
allegiance to signs.
check out.
she’s waiting, she wants you.
get relief, don’t get personal.

the 3rd part

they used you,
all signs and symbolism,
your heart’s a loaded gun.

you’ve been given something
special, i’ve never gotten so
lonely just by missing someone.

i’m not ready, please don’t
let me… ward off contact
from the fox, you got me?

you got me? remove me
from the knowing,
unlock the future

days and nights,
pre-programmed and solidified
swan songs of dying investors

in this technocracy.
they can talk independence,
shock millions of americans,

trick the truth with fresh lies,
no rewards, no relief
for the alive.

our deactivation has arrived.
prove you are
who they say you are,

update your profile
or unsubscribe to food/water/housing,
love/money/luck ain’t on our side.

blood psychosis,
consciousness conversion drugs,
we’ve been transferred for release.

the stillness is a gift.
we knew each other.
we need to talk,

but can can we talk anymore?
high alert,
we have only today, nevermore.

Nations come and go, but
The nonfiction settlements of advertisement
Offer false choices of freedom
Versus suspended access forever.

February is for Lovers

Do you fall in love?
Gold loopholes, gold hoop earrings woman,
Twitter, Facebook, rollover into the physical hello…
Others’ rings, intimate anomalies,
House clearing with the rose quartz stones.
For you, the big answer is, at last,
A battle for your heart.
Please complicate things,
The slope of no return,
Living, living, living for you,
Your name is my password,
Your rose prose language online & offline,
Unimaginably smooth you respond in
Rum bitten tongues, explaining
Your ex-girl is over reruns,
Your wife paying off the credit card debt,
Sweet-16-life-quotes inked inside
Planets transiting the skies.

Maybe I’m seeing things,
But I’m always seeing these things,
Little signs,
Innocuous to the untrained
Or uninterested or uninitiated eye.
Can’t help myself,
They’re always there,
Guiding my way,
“Stay on your path,”
They seem to say.
As if I could ever
Do anything other than
See reflected in
The outer physical world
That which resonates
So strongly within
My spirit-emotional realm.
As above, so below.
The fool’s journey,
Got that beginner’s mind flow.