my dear the truth is honestly stop talking. do you love filtered perfection/protection? do you love feel in-your-blood deserved? painted, like it, hate it. sick-hot as a match, you asked for me to never stop get the keys, love trim your insecurities tired of fakes, buddy, block me, block me, uniform hurt black and blueContinue reading “heeeeeybby”

For 24-Hours

One answer> could you love me for one day> Your mugshot, Remember me/ Hey there, Where have you been? Thousands are sending me Mail to be addressed to You and your family. Trials of self-confidence. Maybe your mother, too. I couldn’t stop. Finally, the end of hard health, Changes are coming. Is this you> America,Continue reading “For 24-Hours”

Easter Sunday Blessings

My dear friends, Cathartic extensions, Locust invasion Wants to come visit later. You have recieved the Rewards, rewards of Attention to conglomerate crisp $100% Housing our freedoms; The Bible’s not breaking news. I want to, I want to Help save bourgeoisie too. New messiahs from Here to there, Have you tried to reach me? BlackContinue reading “Easter Sunday Blessings”

“Thought this would help…”

A surprise thank you can help mend your broken up-to-no-good attention. Learn, burning beauties. “I want to come over tonight.” Emerald eyes reading your tarot cards, centered desires, search harder, it’s only a courtesy. French wine massaging your insides, live free, your body targets, your name came up enchanted. Rosemary tea, give us your ideasContinue reading ““Thought this would help…””


suffocating day by day slowly, surely into decay oxygen leaks out into ether replaced by toxins replenished by waste the existential conundrums as we hit fan blades event horizons in time-space black holes, our own egos coming to pieces at last resistance is relinquished ripping atoms in ecstasy pushed over the edge of the universal hotbedContinue reading “grown”

Dear Beings That Live in the Starlight,

Dear Beings That Live in the Starlight, Hello! I see you now, as you dance aroundin reflections on this pageas the sun hits the clear-plastic-kaleidoscopeof my pen while I’m writing this note to you,standing in one of your portals of light. I’m here. You’re here.How’s the weather, friends?Let’s shoot the breeze… Feels like you’ve alwaysContinue reading “Dear Beings That Live in the Starlight,”

Where did I go wrong?

At every turn down the side streets and alleyways I am wont to pass through I trusted curiosity not to lead me astray, and my heart knew your love. Maybe that’s enough. Maybe all we have left is this one lonely day. (I love you, I love you, Thy will be done. Forever and ever,Continue reading “Where did I go wrong?”

On Tradition

Aus Gott wird man gebor'n, in Christo stirbet man. //////////////// Und in dem heil'gen Geist fängt man zu leben an.


"If you're not living on the edge, you're taking up too much space." - anonymous




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