“Thought this would help…”

A surprise thank you
can help mend your broken
Learn, burning beauties.
“I want to come over tonight.”
Real auburn hair and emerald eyes
reading your tarot cards,
centered desires,
search harder,
it’s only a courtesy.
French wine massaging your insides,
live free, your body targets,
your name came up
Rosemary tea,
give us your ideas about energy.
The mothering tree,
hands to face in
sincere apology,
urgent expansion,
we are still
waiting to
hear from you,
dearest one.
Each day passes by, vital.
Am I afraid to die?
Life gives me the choice
of charity.
But to answer?

Do reply…


Our names in the sky –
Help! Working is PART:yours:
And you are
anybody but known
For sure,

The messages you Write
To the exalted you,
It has no all: fraudulent
Debtors gullible
claiming nuance into office
And naming conjunction
Advances to be
communion, enunciation to
Central International Pain,
Stasis carried
list of official facsimiles.

they intermediate thoughts
within Panacea, this
Fee to addressing educates + must
Team 100%


because, ME.


information beware.
recorded. Directed.

We be above this.


be all. links: data and
code menace by
mandate. by

Pages of you
or an
Allocation do

I think we should


good faith paid

good faith paid
right under the table
right under the issues inside
right under the ectodermal tissue
where you provide my

afterglow of summer fun
chasing the sun down
in the grotto near where
Mary at 18 years old
sprung forth

a fountain singing miraculous cures,
creature comforts,
God’s willing reunion on the reservations
here where we’ve welcomed you
now, tell me who was watching who


Fond gazes went untouched
Until the walls had all
But erupted open.
Only those
Who never guessed
Can know the wants
Of foolish time
And field!

The young
Enter a door
Into her eyes
And emerge
Another man,
The unconscious,
Beguiled, coming

Into Now, the something
Thinly perceived
As a faintly pleasant
In her
Of illicit flames.

No Body Wants to Hear

we’re into it – hurry!
slammed details
pulling your lesser isms,
however preventative,
by the cane-neck, and eclectic
medicine akin to
getting more-faster-!
you are
in and out of breakthroughouts,
works hacked,
effectively testing the
conduit contacts of everything.
deserted yesterday’s
fighting trust,
clearing powerful prayers
with poets purchased psalms.

starts freely,
all activity,
pores gifted,
golden acoustics
to this future
Freedom leveraged
sounds of professor Adam, I
found the whys
when user clairvoyance rights
fortitude and
fortune booths for
truthsayers caught in-
in- in- the loops,
hook and-

The Demi-Cold

When to smile,
And when to winter
The white ideas of
Creativity, learning and growing?
Citrus cleansing
The fresh, vital sharing,
Snow flying out
In reverie,
Reviving rich luxuries
For our beneficiaries.
All types came to win,
No harshly solid worlds
Cupping handfuls of
Chemicals to lips,
Designated as one of the
Chosen few, picked to improve,
And management has been
Zeroing in on how to
Get it good.
They need your help now,
The one health loved
And cared for,
To get your
Rehabilitation on.
Time travel to the last
Drug and alcohol and gas
Filling station,
Pumping you full,
Topped off and satisfied –
Seeing clearly the handling,
Even if the bottles are all empty,
Even when the empty
Terrors over awe of mountain views,
Out for clarity.
Be careful, too, with this
Message for time –
You could forget
You ever had
Evolutionary visionary visits.
Fighting fast and easy,
No solution but to stay behind
To right all days.
No dharma,
Start now,
No other escape.

At the Momentum

It wasn’t so easy,

Being too soft.

She was the kind of song a

Warrior warbled, boastful,

Certain about what’s

Being left behind.

She might not have been

Successful enough to qualify

For any accolades, but, still,

She was gold.

Big, bigger, biggest yet:

The battle of buckling down.

Technology was talking

And told, through her, fanciful untruths.

This new irreverent sense

Of everyday life

Still showed all –

It was more acclaimed

And began to explain

The “Here We Go Again”

Nightmare on Busy Street.

Between babies bouncing to the beat

And the jump-off of daily routines

In effort

To evade the most important

Freewheeling terror ever,

The Everest

Of becoming your own father or mother,

That bacon and bread being brought home

With words alone,

Flipping rhythms

Of our internal, eternal selves,

Striking chords

And exploding in a million

Slings and arrows.

He’s special,

A King

In the limelight,


Dismantling fakes and labels,

Shrugging it all off

But the ancestral chip

Of his namesake

Tattooed from shoulder blade to shoulder blade,

Nape of his neck

Heavy with sweet sweat

From carrying a world of violent streets

On his broad brown back.

Real want,

Real mad,

Real fun.

Intensely critical crown –

Open stream –

Founder and protector –

His idealism is not to be dismissed.