“Thought this would help…”

A surprise thank you
can help mend your broken
Learn, burning beauties.
“I want to come over tonight.”
Real auburn hair and emerald eyes
reading your tarot cards,
centered desires,
search harder,
it’s only a courtesy.
French wine massaging your insides,
live free, your body targets,
your name came up
Rosemary tea,
give us your ideas about energy.
The mothering tree,
hands to face in
sincere apology,
urgent expansion,
we are still
waiting to
hear from you,
dearest one.
Each day passes by, vital.
Am I afraid to die?
Life gives me the choice
of charity.
But to answer?

Do reply…


day by day
slowly, surely
into decay

oxygen leaks out
into ether
replaced by toxins
replenished by waste

the existential conundrums
as we hit fan blades
event horizons
in time-space

black holes,
our own egos
coming to pieces
at last

resistance is
ripping atoms
in ecstasy

pushed over the edge
of the universal hotbed
we were birthed in
here –

– we are at Home
in this galaxy of lights
glistening at the
far ends of other

wormholes, warm and
whole, suckling at Mother
Milky Way’s breast and bawling,
“but, God! I’m the one

who tries too hard
because I don’t know how to be anything
but an authentic and sincere
sad son of a bitch”

how beautiful it is
to be cared for
and contented,

nowhere to go
but to grow
up and out
and into this

Good morning new year

jelly sandwiches,

stale beer breath,

“We made it!”

in separate beds.

What strange omen is this,

or, am I reading

too much

into it?

Yesterday I wanted

to scry for

a message to you,

something grand

you would applaud

and want to take

into tomorrow,

but now it’s today

and I have nothing

new to say, oh, I never do.

No, I didn’t think I would

wake up and quit coffee,

go to the gym, stop

eating so many carbs,

I left the resolution jokes

years ago, but I have

started this day in

tranquility, making time

for stretching, deep breaths,

a walk around the

neighborhood, and

choosing love

in all the places

I have fallen back

on anger in

for too long.

This isn’t what I wanted

to say, but so often

I am seeing what I meant

is of little consequence.

After a year rife

with misunderstanding,

I stand in my intention

of clarity, but, the cards

are in your hands –

how do you interpret

me to be?

Let’s build this together,

health, happiness,

and industry.