I ❤ U

All the
smallbeautiful things
I want to share with you in
Old blankets
And lived-in journal pages…
Good-night, dear-
Good, isn’t it?
How you
just sort of…
Fall in love – Don’t you?


freed of thought,
having walked in before.
and god loves our questions,
our psalms to be with kindness,
our own death the meaning
we’re living as authors for.

Fifty-Eight Degrees and Cloudy

Follow the raven,
Flow on the wind’s wishes
Over telephone wires
And the tip-tops of
Tree branches budding,
Chimes singing up and down
Our street in the breeze.
(Call me, call me,
Up and down the road,
Call me, call me,
And there we go…)

On the Fence

Maybe it’s just us.
We’re the weird ones
That want to be walled off.
Is it so wrong
To want boundaries
And to want those lines
Herein lies treasures
Worth protecting.
(My patience,
My solitude,
My privacy,
My will
To pass through
Moments in time,
Minute spaces,


Laughing at the absurdity
Of me telling myself to
Laugh at the absurdity of
All the thoughts flying
Through my mind as I
Meditate on the absurdity of me
Meditating on my laughing mind,
mine, me…


angel, come with your band of merry saints, encircling us in holy presence. clear away any lingering doubts and fears, illnesses and pain, and heal us completely, body and soul. filled with light and knowing well the pure-God of this Earth-life, we create new beauties for the worlds imitating our inner images. we think and write and speak of these good and righteous things for them to manifest into being. move the old words over and usher in new ways. take care of nature, heal bodies so there is no longer any barrier between us and our creative faculties. we have free access to all of creativity. we guide others by simple living of our own alignment. we know what is good and right, always, and it forever shall be this way. kin, listen deeply to intuition, this is God speaking to me, through me, through every cell of my being. shine right from the inside. there is no place for fear within. amen.