The Problem


the irony here
is not lost on me, however,
at least, sometimes,
this is true.
i love words,
more than i love
most people,
most of the time.
and maybe that is part
of the problem.
i love to get lost in words,
but every so often,
i just want the whole world to
shut up and listen to the music
and kiss and dance and make
love and revel in the sculptures
and paintings and sunrises and
sunsets, feel the wind and the
earth beneath our feet, eat,
drink, and be merry — maybe
then things might be different.
the world would be a different
place, a space at peace. we
need to put ourselves in another
place-frame-of-mind to get it
right. sit in silence and seal our
mouths tight. slow down the
pace. let the smile bloom on
your lips, let that grin grow
ear-to-ear until it almost hurts
your face. grace overtakes
the kind-hearted kindred. shh,
i’m evolving in the quiet
moments of solitude which
amplify the best qualities of our
human race.

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