Who wants a War of Words?

Lots of people don’t understand something

That isn’t in black and white.

We wanted to accost ourselves

For crossing lines,

Rich knowledge acquired

From the authentic beings

That were writing invested experiences

Through us,

Universal colors diluting views,

Pushing us further from

Abridged definitions of the art formalities.

Where formless hearts fall apart,

We are to do away with

Decades of misuse.

We are not in control,

But we are awake and fearless.

Open your life’s work

To their commentary.

On Tradition

Aus Gott wird man gebor'n, in Christo stirbet man. //////////////// Und in dem heil'gen Geist fängt man zu leben an.


"If you're not living on the edge, you're taking up too much space." - anonymous




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