Good morning new year

jelly sandwiches,

stale beer breath,

“We made it!”

in separate beds.

What strange omen is this,

or, am I reading

too much

into it?

Yesterday I wanted

to scry for

a message to you,

something grand

you would applaud

and want to take

into tomorrow,

but now it’s today

and I have nothing

new to say, oh, I never do.

No, I didn’t think I would

wake up and quit coffee,

go to the gym, stop

eating so many carbs,

I left the resolution jokes

years ago, but I have

started this day in

tranquility, making time

for stretching, deep breaths,

a walk around the

neighborhood, and

choosing love

in all the places

I have fallen back

on anger in

for too long.

This isn’t what I wanted

to say, but so often

I am seeing what I meant

is of little consequence.

After a year rife

with misunderstanding,

I stand in my intention

of clarity, but, the cards

are in your hands –

how do you interpret

me to be?

Let’s build this together,

health, happiness,

and industry.

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