How did we fit this?

Do you count your chances

In bed at night?

2015 arrived right:

Houses like museums,

Undigested joys,

Frost galleries,

The low resolution

Secret weapon,

F l a w l e s s

Drugstore transgressions

Review your giving eye,

Smashed viewfinder

Photography feeding

The shoot-em-up

In-n-out drive by

Languages older than


Faithful strategies of

The sun’s wise forgiveness,

Set to die,

Body and mind,

Adventure of a lifetime.

Smart ideas

We couldn’t help but

Start so small, so close…

Bulletproof vests,

Cruising the pinned rings,

Trees cut for dreams

Beamed out of distress;

Raise a glass, confidant!

Your chest to my breasts,

Our hearts are out there

Building failures,

Blooming in hot precision,

Only our pure-burn best

Will weather the test.

Precious percussion,

We stream the visionary

Jeweled gift guests, giving

Cloud views,

Our prehistoric crimes

Spread eagle on the timeline

Flexing birdcall vocals,

Methodically hopeful

After-thoughts in

Transatlantic reflections,

Excluding hours,

Wearing written word

Mutation reccomendations.

Bodhisattva, here’s your

first, second, and final coming.

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