Doesn’t it feel great when your side of the coin lands ↑? Heads sure is the favorite these days. Nobody cares much for tails/tales anymore. It’s all about spoonfed honesty. I hate it, but love when your words make me so angry I have to spit some of my own. Guess you got me there. Jinx, owe me some heroin hearts. In these worlds of ones & zeros, which wavelengths are you riding on? The pull of words we gravitate to are endless, wormholes to other languages, pooling the dreamthoughts & netting those magnetized to our poles. Search history tells us perfectly well about your fetishes & wherever else you let your mind roam. Construction in the progressive follows the obsessive. The on/off switch, checkmate, I Ching will give the other side a chance when our time comes. Stop playing coy with me, pawn in king’s clothing. You say you want it raw & real, well, Emperor, let us see your new clothes. Show us the technicolor robes hiding the brilliant diamond shine within your mind. Or…or, is being a common pauper your hook? Why, then, do you mix among the lovely lonely folk, festering in our wealth of pain? Do you think it makes you more appealing? & when things get too heavy you hide behind that glass ceiling once again? No-honey. That’s not how this works. See, we’re all naked here. We see right through you. The only one you’re fooling is yourself & your friends, laughing in the empty halls of direct messages, the ones, the zeros, what will you do when the dime falls the other way ↓?

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