Terminal batch authors,

You can awaken!

Believe your openheartsurgery

&learn to start

Practices in compassion.

Master each problem,

Life can be

Simple yellow sunlight!

You advance her,

You, the flame

Of transient thought,

Caffeine menthol treats,

Tight-fitting blood,

Build up to

Swallowing the special,

Because time may

Open your will–

It’s important for

Your future health–

Time can correct

The concious futures

Through opening, stretched

Chest cavity anomalies.

Feel the disembodied

Yearning for awareness,

Tune into your

Sumconcious sintuation of

The best truths,

Expanding vision of

Profound. Wisdom. Kindness.

Way to start.

Clear and purifying.

Support and work.

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