Experience experience

Hand us your resume

Of the life predicaments

Prove yourself worthy

Of being uniquely

The human you are

In the precice crosshairs

Of every privelage

You were born into

And tell us how the world

Looks from behind

The beyond

In voyages

Eyes swimming rosy

With glass shards

In every blink

We on the brink

Always of another

Event horizon

And can’t see the one

Person in front of us

For blood in our face

Mistaking each of each race

For the multitudes

Mass murdered and murdering

Millennial mama’s

Raising babies in slings

Attached to the breast

And tablet screens

We are ever forming

A new era

And you can be stuck

Looking back

For your mother’s teat

Or down at your dick

And miss the revolution

Facing you head-on

And it’s not

In the bottle you drink

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