We are going, going, gone

Let’s make a deal

I’ll confirm your estimates


Experience a chance worth

1,000 medallions

Crowns and tiaras

Telescoping flames

In Technicolor tradition,

Lithium recognition,

Tokens topping tablecloths,

Tchotchkes in remission.

Punchbowl contributions

Have been rebuking vouchers

Since forever

Sincere endeavors

Never unnotice

The undertones of your voice.

Renovate your methodical ways,

Unconsciously systematic,

Timeless foundation

Quartz filtering happiness

Stalactite gallery


Prime affiliates

Greatness coursing

Breath etching

Sonic escape

For your eyes only

Expansive charm

Demolished jungle claw

Vintage romance

Grounds freezing

Electric Victorian lovebirds

Baroque godess

Cactus pin cushion


Remedial bipedal

For game day

Coven roving

Bite the tip

Champing at the bit

Modular feelings

Empty breast but still feeding

Tits-up come sundown

Festival of luxe

Lucky as fuck

Unnerving and unable

Unearthing old bones

Beneath the stables

Steeples preach like staples

People leaves windswept

To the eaves

No paperweights Jesusrockstar heavy enough

To weigh us down in ennui

We always find a way

To fall

Sin of all

Sons and daughters

Exuberant with misty eyes

Laughter echoes in the halls


Billowing, bellowing,


Tip the halo hi-hat


Heed the call

Inner child beating


Vortex funneling

Funny forecasts

Fortunes rings

David and Goliath

Shadowbody lieutenant commander

Lucite kudos

From Lucifer’s troubadours

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