Ungrateful is

quarter to ten at night

and 27° F outside,

putting snow boots and

winter coats on half-

sleeping children, strapping

them into carseats to pick

the head of our household

up from work and being

angry about all of it.

I’ll look for the silver lining

instead, like I always do.

Thankful my man has a job

at all with this 7.4

unemployment rate bullshit,

thankful we have a good ride

to get us everywhere we

want and need to be,

thankful the kids are strong

and healthy (a little cool air

is good for the lungs, sons).

Thankful we make the

choices we do so I can stay

home every day to raise our

boys, and for unschooling.

We’ve got those boots and

jackets and there are many

who don’t. Apartment home,

roof over our heads and heat

to greet us walking in the

door. The end of the day,

we’re together once more.

Life isn’t perfect, but there’s

so much to be grateful for.

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