Uniform in origin and anatomy,

Replenish me.

Pay no mind to the details.

Help liberate my head

From this neck here.

I fancy a feel-good freefall

Down any damn rabbit hole.

I feel rabid these days.

Don’t question why

I toss and turn at night.

Awareness is only

The first pinprick.

Awareness is mocking me,

That prick!

The key is peace,

But there’s an art to it,

And hope coordinates poorly

With the blushing buzz

I’m pouring out

In quantum abnormalities.

Watch me fit galaxies

Back to back

Down my throat

With no tact.

Insecurity hems me in

From all sides.

Legs open and snap shut,

Just when you thought

You could merge with my curves.

I’m not trying to mess with you,

My dreams always mesh with you,

But my silhouette has been

Interfered with one too many times.

Multidimensional princess,

Great equalizer of eclipses

And excessive ellipsis,

With those deep solar flares,

Clean finish,

You make moving on

So easy.

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