The journey of a few footsteps

Stops at a dead end.

Come back again next time

And see if existence

Has anything better to offer.

Pick one person

And choose endless possibilities

As to how much soul

You will filter into it

This time around.

For more fun,

Combine with other

Unsuspecting parties.

Go deep and dish it out.

Do you get the idea here?

It’s raining



Always metatechnological


To help me quit being human.

I hate the taste of

Gourmet regret and disbelief.

Calm your careless wonder.

Don’t sparkle any more.

Extend your body

Taut against mine,

It’s the only way I can be

Taught what sensitive means.

Soothe me until I crack.

It’s simple, really.

Text three days out.

Don’t act now.

Protect your automatic


I won’t correct you.

Command and I will not refuse.

Reuse the empty human shells

To fertilize the next coming,

Whatever your preference may be.

Vibrate butterfly wings,

Fruitful fragility.

Double-edged geniuses

Charge and effect


For the new dream.

Infared ions

Can only improve

My love for you.

Mutate our heart-shaped mirrors

Of cyborg sentiment.

Even the most inauthentic poem

Holds more truth

Than masterpieces

With interchangeable parts.

Ultrasonic riddles

Pulse the waves to ships at shore.

Rock hands and hips



Until sundown

Turns around


Don’t forget to shut the front door.

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