At first it felt strange,

Being severed like this.

One kiss

Won me over.

I surrendered to you

Saving me.

But I still won’t show you

The pages of my journals.

For so long,

You never even asked.

You implied and outright cried

It was a waste of my time.

Was it? Or are you?

You are a decadent dream,

I’ll give you that.

Your brand of perfectionism

Gave me new eyes.

Tunnel vision.

You complete me, right?

That’s how the story goes.

Pair up and have a pair of kids.

I always knew I was unstable

And saw something in you

I thought could balance me out,

But together, we are volatile.


And still, you are my source material.

My only manifested muse.

To what degree could I ever demand

To rule something like you,

All-powerful and formed by

The sheer might

Of your own free will.

The more you make me feel

The more I find myself

Feeling less like who I thought I was.

I can handle that.

I tell myself I’m the only one

Who can handle you, too.

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