thank the thoughtful residents


for the assistance

and prepare seconds.

too many people almost learn

how to love,


death is history.

millions on national drug regimens

stage the overwhelming

over-the-counter market.

high doses

of quick fixes

take the edge off

our individual importance.

let go of the dream for control

and the myriad of other

commonplace factors

that keep you a commoner.

take time to go inside

and read the tomes of self-truth.

hone your honest confusion

into heart-and-arrow questions.

you are too crazy

not to wake up

out of this sound sleep.

solve the problems.

aggravate the others.

don’t be content

with what the acid rising in your throat

has told you.

trigger each other into action.

time is tempory.

provoke more

and enjoy the worldwide excess of miracles.

macro content

is everybody interchanging.

our breakthrough is not

a one-note epiphany.

harmony is the only way

to satisfy that hunger.

the brain recognizes

shifting the ratio

is enough to relieve

years and nothing.

science is fashionable

and consumed like convenience foods.

a people fixated on instinct

but don’t know

almost nothing.

patient time,

severe and sudden,

wake up,

wake up

and taste your voice!

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