Enter the Pocket Portal

Enter the pocket portal,

Free activation

Of your slim observations,

Lightweight accountability,

And easy distractability.

That screen so often seems

Brighter than you, dear.

Stop compromising your clarity.

Put down the digital display

And you will be delivered

From darkness

Into the highest definition

Of this dimension of light.

Sharper and more vivid

Than fiber optics

Could ever deceive.

Experience this with me.

Let’s move beyond multitasking

And start asking questions

Face to face.

Move your fingers between mine

And interlace with my interface.

Caress me with those prints

Your phone knows better

Than any human has had a chance to.

I promise, I can learn

What your next move will be –

And meet you halfway –

We are synchronizing.

Stay a while and surf

These waves of reality.

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