I was thrown into battle

and it mutated my support beams,

the brackets molded into a shell,

locked and loaded in this

snail’s pace hell.

Triggers activate

instinctual excitement

to your gross delight.

Hands dry of work,


split the seams

and taped my screams



and stuck,


But it’s no big deal.

Higher experiences

open us anew,

mixed and stewed,

flattened thin as can be,

evaporated to the

perfect consistency

you desire me to be.

Close the lid, I’m drying out

and dying out here

in the hypertoxic rain.

Accidental contact with your skin

dissolved me to nothing

and we got right back to it,

the small cracks

and bubbled amazement.

Show me what you can do to me,

don’t let me down,

I’m just getting warmed up

and twisted, doll.

When we’re through,

there will be no way to remove

me from you.

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