Well, I know

I’m doing myself in.

It was always meant to end like this,

with my undoing.

Unraveled and unadorned,

I unfurl.

I am the pearl.

Hustled and grinding

and polishing my Magnum

Opus, opal oracle of my eye.

Thrown for a loop

and rebounding

fractal light,

I won’t fight it.

Peaceful ease,

wade through the beams,

recalibrate your alignment

for the chaotic good dream.

I’ll give you everything I have

but not

a single solitary grain of sand

from the lands I don’t yet know.

I’ve got the inklings

and and ink to spare.

Sit tight.

I mean,

I know you won’t,

but keep me in your heart

wherever you roam

and sit with me

for cosmic tea time promises

and I promise you won’t be disappointed

if you’re into that sort of thing.

Whims and wanderlust wings

will carry us together through

the zinnias and fire rings.

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