The dumpster is coming

The dumpster is coming
and the notion of throwing
it all
and starting
is alluring, for sure,
but at odds with
The Big Plan
to do
The Right Thing.

The rightful place
to rest at peace
is not in
the garbage heap.

But I’m running out of patience
to find them a good home.

Too often opportunities
slip through my typing fingers
and nuance is lost forever
to the internet.

Dump it today
and forget about it
for the next forty years
or until the refuse overflows
into our oceans–

oh, wait,

we already did that.

Well, it’s too late
and I’m still seduced by the wrong thing to do
because it’s too easy.

Breath deep,
take it easy,
let it go.

Patience and perseverance will
pay off,

probably not in this lifetime,
but maybe for my children…

If I make it long enough
I’ll be digging through the
junk piles of my roaring 20’s,

looking for salvation
in the things
I should have
turned over
into new gold
when I first
was blessed
with the iron
in the fire.

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