Yin Yang Weave

No one accountable? I am.
The person I am today,
the bad parts,
the good ones.
I’m not even good or bad.
I’m a body, a life, a flesh-and-bone vessel of light.

More or less.

Live or die.

Seasons change, the scenery comes and goes.
Bought a new wardrobe and cut my hair,
painted my face and changed my name,
doesn’t change what I’ve lived through,
doesn’t change what’s to come.

Standing in the dim-dingy alleyway
between present and past,
debris of history barreling by me
on a brutal wind…
Does the future hold no hope —
brought to ruin by where we’ve been
and all I’ve done
and all that has been done to you?

I may be a victim and a perpetrator, but am not playing at it.

Onward and upward responsibly in this moment

and who I will become?

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