Breath, Save Me Now

There are things I can’t even speak about while living through them
for fear that telling the truth would expose me as a fraud.
Cries for transparency go unanswered because we ourselves are unable to comply.
Oh, Ego will crumble!
Time will tell and walls will fall.
The old model, outdated, must cave to make way for the new style.
I can fell the ulcers
growing in my stomach
as the stress rages through my veins.
Head pounds at temples,
caffeine and nail-biting are poor pacifiers.
Illegal. Entrapment.
I’ve been had.
Duped by my naivete
and unfailing ability to trust
far more than most recipients can be responsible for.
“A lengthy engagement” is right.
When you love too much your heart just might explode.

On Tradition

Aus Gott wird man gebor'n, in Christo stirbet man. //////////////// Und in dem heil'gen Geist fängt man zu leben an.


"If you're not living on the edge, you're taking up too much space." - anonymous




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