Shine Right

Broken, dirty, cracked, and moldy.
It’s okay.
I am all these things,
as are you.
If not now,
some day we all will be.
And it’s okay.
That’s how things are supposed to be.
We are made to break
and decay,
but we are also made to see the light
and again.
Our time will come to be shadow,
then to be the light that brings shadow to life.
Part and parcel of the process, of the plan.

Easy to envy the beauty and luminosity surrounding us,
and despise the filth and wreckage flanking our existence.
Not as simple to accept them for what they are
and realize we are both these things as well,
and all at the same time.
Nothing short of a miracle, that’s for sure.

How is it that we
and all the world
were made to embody the highest of highs
and lowest of lows
and all at once?
What an impossible feeling!
Nothing, nobody among us is perfect,
and therein lies the beauty of existence –
– life and death wrapped up together in perfect harmony.

Stars punctuate the night sky.

Shadows dance across the land,
laughing between the sunbeams.

Light and dark do not exist apart from one another.

We all are made of shadows and sunshine,
cobwebs and candlelight,
the dust and a daybreak.

When comparison, judgement, and jealousy are removed,
it becomes clear:
I am what I am,
you are what you are,
we’ll be what we’ll be.
Que sera, sera.
No good and bad,
no clean or dirty,
no alive or dead.
Whatever is is whatever is meant to be.
In this moment.
Only in this moment.

I have enough, I am enough,
just the way I am.

I shine right from the inside.

And you do, too. We all do.

The shadows that scare us so are projected from within.
Look into yourself, into your inner light, and find your truths.
Face what scares you.
It’s all inside.
That’s all you need.

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