when the big wave comes, where will you be?

when the big wave comes, where will you be?
scrambling frantically to get inland,
peacefully waiting on the shore
with open arms,
welcoming the change
of existence?
i desire to listen closely
and let the others know
what the sea has to say.
i can translate.
i have a need to know the elements intimately,
as i was formed by their hands,
and at their behest i shall return
this body to them
to be broken down
and reconfigured
into something new
and more beautiful than i can currently imagine.

i want to meet my maker
before i’m called in for the final night.

mother nature brought me into the world,
and she will lead me out of it.

what a waste it would be
to wait to hear her secrets
when on my deathbed.
she is whispering her lullabies all the time.
i have a choice (oh, we always do…),

ignore the true pace of living while persuing material posessions,
slow down, breathe, and listen closely,
accepting the reality of the universe cradling me,
caring unconditionally, as i coast to sleep,
nestled in the world’s warm embrace.

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