5 + 5 = 10

been shuffling the furniture like a deck of cards,
trying to find a better hand to play.
as the queen of this castle
i’ve kept busy knocking out pawns,
easy enough,
but as there are less and less players on board
each carries a greater weight,
a more significant impact;
their gravity pulls harder on my aura, my crown.

take your shoes off.
naked feet respond much better
to the healing vibrations
emitted from the molten center of this rock.

a heart beats heat
like nuclear energy.
consume and combust
your insides
all other souls.

that kind of thing lingers
long after we are gone.

somebody else
may sit on your couch
brussels sprouts
and contemplating the reasons
for his seat being warm
before he even though
of sitting down

dust covers eyes
and lends a crunchy, complex coating
to the skies.

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