There are two doors before me,
both green, both beautiful.

I can keep going straight ahead
on my current path
of the heart,
but that door is closed.
I have no guarantee about what lies beyond.
All I have is my faith in myself
that I am doing my best.

The other door,
just off to my left,
has been left ajar
by the many passing through it,
enough so for me to see
the treasures held within.
Worldly jewels and joyful baubles,
yes, this path has caught my eye
many a time.
It is always present, always tempting,
always tempting me away from the present
moment on my plain path
of hard inner alchemical work.

A few steps over is all it takes
to change direction.
How quickly things do change.
Winds blow, rains bowl me over,
but I keep climbing on.
Something tells me
there are truths I’m not seeing
behind that second door.
An obscured, messy drama
awaits to pounce on me
if I cave to those shiny sirens.

Keep climbing on and on,
though the path is unkempt,
the door is closed, no guarantee,
but this is the way for me.

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