many hearts

it is warming up; i am thawing out.
my thought-energy is tuning in to the aesthetics of life.
flowers are blooming, my skin is beginning to tan.
we’re clearing out and sprucing up our nest.
it feels good to be walking again.
there are a small number of trivial things on my mind,
but a phone call to a dear friend will likely clear my conscience.
this is the time of year i typically lose interest in the internet.
probably for a good reason.
oh, yes, it’s time to start living the real life again.
weekend barbecues, trips to the beach, the park is my new office.

just as i thought, i can’t think of much else to say.
take it easy, baby-cakes, the fun has just begun.

On Tradition

Aus Gott wird man gebor'n, in Christo stirbet man. //////////////// Und in dem heil'gen Geist fängt man zu leben an.


"If you're not living on the edge, you're taking up too much space." - anonymous




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