transparency cut and paste update

this is my place,
this is my face.
i’m not lying anymore,
i’m not hiding anymore.

you were so funny, little girl,
with your big sunglasses
and even bigger dreams.
you spoke in code –
i look back to make sure i remember
just how it goes.
after all,
foreign languages always need brushing up on
from time to time,
hasta que sus sueños estén hechos de esas palabras.
comme mon monde est devenu plus petit,
je deviens plus important dans lui.
(je suis juste me parlant.)
¿recuerdas esto?
i am rolling on the floor laughing
in real life.
you were looking for the right way to say goodbye.
now, look at you!
fighting to stay.
who would have thought…?
up and down and back again,
the same brush strokes repeating.
i thought myself a genius
to have deciphered the hieroglyphics,
but what if everyone beat me to it?
they’re so out there, plain, open.
who could not have seen!
ooh, blindsided once again!
forest for the trees,
forest for the trees.
get to what’s real.
let her under my skin, right?
that’s how we make it better.
the world is distinctly domed at sea level.
i can look out at the ocean and see the curve on the horizen…
i can’t stand still.
i freeze and thaw with the solstices.
the world looks better when it’s handwritten,
but you can’t stay underground forever.

i’m not hiding anymore,
i’m not lying anymore.
this is my face,
this is my place.

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