an unreasonable request

we overlap
and weave together
different threads
of present understandings,

clear and bright,

or muddled and darkened,

confused and skeptic
of the underlying love
which yearns to be re-learned.

please, utilize every heartbeat
to make your own reality come true.
yes, there is more to it,
but, please, don’t get caught up
on the things beyond your influence.
please, step back and look at the patterns
being woven by your words at hand.
what threads do you want to contribute?
think it through.

On Tradition

Aus Gott wird man gebor'n, in Christo stirbet man. //////////////// Und in dem heil'gen Geist fängt man zu leben an.


"If you're not living on the edge, you're taking up too much space." - anonymous




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