we three kings

bitch, step back!
i’ll cut you, delete you,
i’ll eat you whole!

what good is free will
when i succumb so quickly
to every temptation?

blood is thicker than water
but it doesn’t mean
we’re soul-mates.

time to stop dicking around,
go our separate ways,
meet again when our stars realign.

externally focused,
break through fear,
three hearts broken.

oh, but hearts always mend.
they are wonderful things.
we can fall in love again.

it feels like a lie.
i won’t remember this on my deathbed.
he already resents me, i can tell.

how to make up for lost time?
no backpedaling or excuses,
let me apologize and start as new.

that is what i meant
when i said we’d love again.
i do. and you?

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