cosmic beauty (that’s me)

cosmetic beauty –
only skin deep.
look deeper down
through the soul,
down my nose,
to my toes,
beyond the scarred surface
to see each glowing molecule
of love
in these bones.

break me open,
pull me apart,
dissect the lies and violence
and see what is inside:
cosmic beauty.
that is me.
feel my blood in your veins,
know we are the same,
let’s dance, entwined,
across the milky way.

why ask you to stay?
we’ve always been together.
maybe you don’t recognize me with this new face.
try looking at my heart.
remember me now?
i hope i’m not the one who is mistaken here,
trying to fit together pieces
from two different dimensions…
oh, but that is the point!
isn’t it?
each of us is our own unique world,
a complete atomic universe in our own right,
colliding recklessly
with one another,
lending ions,
positively and negatively
charging each other’s lives.
making something out of nothing,
breaking up,
reconfiguring ourselves
with new bits and pieces
from the atmosphere around us.
yes, that must be it.
i’ve got this all figured out now.

cosmic beauty,
love never-ending,
blow up and bloom,
kaboom-boom-boom. ♥

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