read and read
eyes glaze over
clicking without reading
hand is faster than the eye

a case of the crazies
sleep starved
fat and lazy
full of nothing
no ambition


i’m fucking the universe tonight

lay down with me
in these black holes
where light comes in faster
than can be devoured

everything eaten comes back up
with such force
it’s through the nose

high prices paid with lies
on credit
non exist-ant
pick up and carry
a million times your weight
like feathers

mountains even change

when this body is still
there is clarity
but in motion breaks down
fucking computers
and cable tv
we are the same
but so much more than that

plans are illusions of control
control is desire for permanence
permanence does not exist
on this plane of existence

let it go and grow up down out in and around
fill yourself with yourself
to the fullest expanse
and keep going

enlightenment is just lightening your load


let go


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