Frequently Asked Questions

I write a lot of mean things,
then delete them.
If nobody reads it
does it make me less of a bitch?
A tree falls in the woods,
nobody hears it,
so I get on my high horse
every now and again
because the kind of trees
I’d like to breathe
are not legal with this disease.
If I don’t click “post”
do I still make a sound?
I hear the echos in my cavernous skull.
Next time I’d like to be a tree or bird or rock.
I only worry what the pain would be like.
Does it hurt more than being human?
Which life has the most difficult death,
or does it depend on how you die?
“I think these might be the last good years.”
I wonder if any dinosaurs said that.
I get the feeling that if we don’t move right now,
we may never, never go.
Six months is too slow.
A couple years and two kids later,
what difference do a few degrees make?
Ugly is the new beautiful.
Please tell me how and why you think.

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