very, very young

my fashion.
writing poems.
life is my art.
dancing free.
bubble floating by
reminds me
of what i’m meant to be.
flowers growing silly
in a garden slowly.
hot sticky sweat
in the sweltering summer heat.
veggies on the grill.
baby sleeping on my lap.
sweet man in the kitchen,
cooking up some love.
i am very, very young.
this is the best i can live,
i love it,
i love it.
corridos playing on the stereo,
breeze blowing the curtains.
i can almost taste the flan…
twenty-four years
like hours in the day
filled to the brim with
family, friends, fun.
this is the best life,
my love,
my love.
i am blessed, lucky,
and when i blow out the candles,
i wish to stay
very, very young.

2 thoughts on “very, very young

  1. A belated thanks to you!
    No story request…
    I’m just happy to see
    you’re still working on
    Mary Sues 101, so,
    keep it coming! ♥


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