I’ve done a lot of reading lately –
It makes me sad to see
I’ve lost the poetry in me.
Where has the time gone?
Where did that girl go?
Life is so, so different these days.
But when I feel for it,
Really let go and just feel for it,
There! Right there!
It’s all here!
The rhythm is pulsing
In those everyday things:
Heart beating, clock ticking,
Boy breathing, floor creaking…
I spent forever energies and times
With word on my minds,
Out of pens,
Printed to papers,
Encrypted with internets,
That over the years
It became full-blooded nature.
Not the kind
I doll up for display
Or tarnish down to distill sympathies,
Or any of that nonsense and drama.
It is what it is,
Never coming, nor going,
Nor existing for anything other than existence.
No, no reason for sadness, sweetheart,
Or for feelings of lack.
Lustrous as ever,
Poetry survives in the soul.
Ne’er young nor old,
Poetry stays gold.

3 thoughts on “Poetry

  1. Even though this sucked, and I’ve lost my touch, there’s no cure for it other than to keep writing.

    Thank you for the kind words. I can use the encouragement!


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