Three More Months

Feeling good:
belly getting bigger,
hip pain – a new thing,
headaches and nausea
not unlike the first trimester.
You’re moving a lot these days!
I enjoy the little bouts of hiccups,
but not being punched in the bladder.
Three more months!
I’m beginning to get nervous
we won’t have everything
by the time you are here.
I had a dream the other night:
we brought you home and had nothing!
No crib, diapers, clothes, nothing!
Paranoid, that’s okay, I’m allowed emotion.
We will have everything –

Still no luck finding our own nest.
I’m trying not to give up hope,
but I am concerned.
We have a few months still,
but I don’t know what I’ll do
if we have to move
a week before my due date!
I stress too much about things.
We will have everything –

We will have you,
and you are everything!

2 thoughts on “Three More Months

  1. OMG, three months left? I feel like the time has gone by so quickly. (I have to admit, while I am very excited, I am also VERY VERY NERVOUS for you. Omgababy.) Can I buy future!baby a Montreal Canadiens winter hat? I feel like everyone should really have one. XD

  2. You’re right – the time has gone by quickly. Though I hear the third trimester drags on forever. Especially the last few weeks. I’m already annoyed with my size, I can’t imagine what I’ll do as I get bigger! By the end of it I’ll be like, “OMG, PLZ GTFO!”

    Oh, and you are right once again – everyone would be better off with a Montreal Canadians hat. It’s the stuff dreams are made of, eh? 😉

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