the first place

it keeps coming down to awareness.
ok, so, i have feelings.
emotions change like the weather.
what are you going to do in the meantime?
so you’re sick, you’re well,
you have money, you’re poor,
whatever, whatever, whatever
scenario your fancy mind can dream up,
but life just keeps moving
and you move with it
whether you realize it or not.
energy follows thoughts,
what happens to energy
when your thoughts are
fully focused
on the present?
and how do you take action
without first thinking about it
and then acting?
oh. snap.
it all happens in the present:
in succession yet simultaneously.
i’ve acquired a gambling habit
of winning big at life.
know this:
when i turn one-hundred and two years old,
i’m drinking scotch on the moon.
it’s like,
‘duh, okay, i know better now.’
but i still have to pick up my belongings,
shoulder that load,
keep a move on.
i’m lucky i ever got a chance
to set my things down
in the first place.

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