mug shot

i’ve only fucked up on the date once,
which is pretty good –
considering it’s a new year.
all the candles are lit,
and so am i,
full of beer, liquor, love.
there was something else i was going to say,
and god bless us all
for this delicious day!
the love i don’t yet know
burns stronger than myself,
and with every passing breath
we move closer.
howling at a waxing moon,
hurling myself toward and end
i didn’t quite know i was working for
this time a week, or even a few days ago.
my sleeping dreams
help me feel strong,
if only for the feeling.
we go in and out of consciousness,
and yet always a part,
partially aware and eternally there.
i’m down on one knee,
the question pops:
truth or dare?

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