concentric circles

writing this book backward
like standing on the other side of the world.

a little marijuana never hurt anything.
drugs are drugs.
green is good.
herbal supplements, hear me out:
gold, gold, goldenseal!
really! pains in stomach and chest,
aches in muscles, joints, tendons, bones,
digestive tract in need of cleanse,
reproductive organs
not in working order, either,
hair, skin, and nails will tell you horror stories
of how many toxins put in one body.
all is not well.
let’s be honest here:
dreams of teeth cracking and falling out.
can’t afford health care.
take better care of the self.
such a mess.
likely depressed.
all those rhymes about killing.
occasionally, i die.
(“you never know!”)
well, yes, you do.
there are tests for that.
get one done,
mind gets off.
the need to move.
(don’t) think of all the damage done
by not asking enough questions,
not moving more swiftly.
(don’t) think of all the trouble and bills
saved by speaking up
and speeding up.
“gross you!”
understand where this repressed anger comes from,
comes to the surface…
the hatred of so many men,
and all because none ever keep close…
marked, selected?
because of hurt and want – again?
well, guess what?
next time, let go and give in.
be safe.

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