high and alive

today was productive,
walking around town with bloodstains on my shirt
looking for a job and some balance in my bank account.
i found twenty-one dollars on the ground
and spend it on: candy, trees.
my bike is back and i’m ready to ride.
i was going to wake up and make a list of things to do,
but instead i got really high.
tomorrow i’m going to spirit dancer
to get my chakras aligned.
we are embarking on a journey
one, no more associating with any…
two, something about being fancy.
three, i’m lucky people pray for me every day.
on the list of things i was going to make today,
there was to be mention of writing letters,
a list of daily things to do
to help keep me balanced,
and i can’t really remember what else.
i found a baby pine cone.

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