woosh! there goes june…
not a bad month at all, i must say.
a new place to live life,
the beginnings of a beautiful tan,
good company at all times.
things are looking up.
thanks for the luck, chris.
we really needed it,
and it’s working out just fine so far.
overtired, overworked, overwhelmed and loving it.
note to self: take july as it comes.
(and really, how else would you do things?)
i’ve got a cat and a room to unpack,
a twenty-first birthday at home plate and ready to bat.
there is still more work to be done.
no lies, this has been a busy year.
we’re halfway there; i’m satisfied.
at least when i’m sleeping i’m sleeping well,
though would love to do a bit more of it.
there are so many things to dispose of,
so much mess to reconcile,
so marvelous events to recollect –
if only i could recall anything at all.
shelves, car, beach, hippies, movement,
work, work, move, school, fiji et al.
and i have a good feeling.
jesus joints!
only, we didn’t know we’d be clambering through
the next few days into ill despair.
johnnie walker gold, all in good time.
don’t rush it.
time goes on as it ever has,
still spinning,
playing catch-up or keep-up or ahead of the game.
still crazy.
“i’ll never worry – why should i?
it’s all gonna fade.”
fuck words.
silly little letters strung together
so strung-out upon a page.
what’s the use?
i like a question –
any one at all.
keep asking, but more quietly.
that may be the trick.
sit still longer and watch the world go by.
missing so much?
missing nothing at all.
roll on by.

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