The List

I hate sitting here, I should be dancing!
Unfortunately for me I like to write.
I haven’t done this in ages:
I’m reading my tarot,
Seven Types of Ambiguity,
checking my e-mail for the daily horoscope,
looking for some kind of sign.
What am I not seeing here?
The hypocrisy is getting to me.
Stuffed and starving,
cute but cumbersome,
wild and worried, et al.
There are so many things I could do without.
Answer these questions to ease my fears and doubts:
Do I trust in fate to set me free?
Am I forcing my hand, or does it look like I’m faking it?
How much of this is bald luck and black magic?
When and why and where will thy will be done?
Wheat and water wonder together what the world has become.
This noise is deafening, leaving me numb.
Maybe May’s flowers have songs yet unsung…

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