it hasn’t been long enough
but too much time has passed by, just the same.
this is more of a big picture.
there are no details.
deep colors seeped into the canvas
tell a story of few words and fatal actions.
quickly and quietly we inch toward an end.
i’m almost worried at the lack of communication
and lackadaisical lullaby of the days.
for the sun-drenched seasides
and endless road trips to eternity and back,
i suppose that’s why we wait things out.
where are you going?
ideally, i’d like to be left idle.
no room for thought, only walk.
movement takes over the mind
and hours spiral into days,
days upon weeks upon months upon years
and i don’t hear a sound.
solitary. savor it.
something isn’t right about all this.
just – don’t go about getting the wrong idea.

6 thoughts on “smaller

  1. Hey SLQ —

    It’s been a while, no? I’ve been over to your journal sometimes to read your poems, I never comment though cause I’m not sure you wanted to hear from me. Your poems are really beautiful though. 🙂 But I wanted you to know I finally finished and posted that fic I promised you a year and a half ago, about Karp in the dryer. I never forgot or anything, I just haven’t written much in the last year and a half or so, and want to finish most of my started stuff before I go to college. I know you’re not really in the Ducks fandom anymore, I’m not even sure if you read in it, but I thought maybe you’d still like to.

    You can find here.

    And I friended this journal, so you can read my journal if you ever feel the need. I don’t go on my old screen name much anymore, but you can find me on KG2118 on AIM if you ever want to hit me up.

    Much love.

  2. oh, kristine…

    this message made me realize that i missed you!
    i wish you had commented earlier if you’ve been reading;
    i love to get feedback, and as you know as a writer,
    a good way to improve is through constructive criticism.
    (though i’m not opposed to full-out fangirling!)

    haha, i can’t believe you wrote that fic!
    i had completely forgotten about it.
    when i have the time, i will certainly check it out.
    you’re right about me not being in the fandom anymore.
    i’m not in *any* fandom anymore, and really, it’s a relief.
    i have so much time to live, now.
    i guess that’s why i quit in the first place.
    i’ve just been so busy with life!

    i’m still writing a lot, working on a few books,
    mostly doing a lot of poetry…
    i’m busy with school and work and stuff,
    and taking care of my brother,
    so i don’t really go on lj too often,
    (i also don’t have the internet at home,)
    but i’m sure when i have the time i’ll read your lj.
    i do like to check in once and a while. 🙂
    i’m not doing the aim thing anymore,
    but i will try to keep in touch better through lj.

    don’t you have a writing journal?
    i remember you having one before…
    though i never friended it.
    would you mind if i added that journal?
    i’d like to see what you’re writing these days!

    nice hearing from you. ♥q

  3. Re: oh, kristine…

    you’ve got a life now? sooo lucky. 😉

    I’m glad things seem a little better for you than they did the last time we spoke, I know you were moving then, I take it all that stuff is more sorted out now, which is great.

    I do have a writing journal, it’s . It’s mostly fic chapters and drabbles and stuff that I’ve started that will never be finished. I think as I leave the fandom more and more, there will be more and more other stuff there. I’ll friend you on that journal too if you’re interested. Well, I’m off to watch the Olympics. Ice hockey is my universe, afterall.


    PS – I had to repost this comment a second time, cause I can’t spell my own journal’s username. D’oh.

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