wishes for anew

here we find ourselves in january;
welcome to the new year.
i’ve spent hours upon hours throwing things away,
throwing up the contents of my stomach.
days on end are strung together
and i’m feeling strung-out from some night of pain or ecstacy
that i cannot recall or revere as an actual circumstance
having occured in my current life.
age-old wisdom and elemental drive fill me to the brim;
being so on the verge of vitality and vibrance
gives me the chills and, oh!
i’m going to spill it all, spill my guts,
let the lion out of the bag.
here we come roaring all the way
through and through to december
and prepare ourselves to start again.
i started with starving, but, that doesn’t work.
scars are dangerous – the best thing to do
was open old wounds, sprinkle salt,
let insult to injury work its magic.
(naturally, this is no cure at all.)
from crazy to casual to knowing for sure
that nobody cares, sometimes the best thing to do
is just go with it, flow with it,
see things through to the end.
responsibility holds accounts with the accountable.
the reaper has come to collect our dues.
suddenly so much feels ominous.
three sixes straight in a row
means hard work and nose to the grindstone,
elbow greese and intuition in action.
next year, we get the lucky sevens.
skills and knowledge swell,
the path has been cleared a bit,
helpful people and travel abound,
and still my key is sticking.
i know now that it’s simply dull.
time for sharp changes, steep inclines.
usually this ends me at the ocean.
sow your seeds tenderly,
tend to them as they grow,
as you reap the rewards,
praise land and sky and sea
for all that you have to show.
go for the delicious;
give everything one-hundred percent.
i love you, baby.

2 thoughts on “wishes for anew

  1. Oh my God


    I just read your poem again and I was totally inspired and blown away. I’m going to read it over and over again, and print it out, and carry it around. I honestly think that this is the best work I’ve read from you. It was so honest, and straight forward, and well worded, and I just can’t believe the mood change it gave me. I guess what I’m trying to say is: Thank you.

    I hope you get this soon; I know I haven’t been using my phone, but I’m really going through a period of trying to find myself. Like you said, we’ve mastered the small problems but now we’re on a bigger scale. I’m just trying to find my balance and I think that this time I need to do that on my own. Unfortunately, I feel that in order to find my balance I need to stop using the phone for a while. Using the computer, writing out my thoughts, I feel like it makes me think about them more rationally, it slows me down. I’ve been writing a lot recently, nothing like you of course, but just to clear my head. However, you can (and I would love for you)to get a hold of me through e-mail.

    Just know that I love you, you are my sister, and don’t feel abandoned because: I am here. I think about you everyday and I hope that everything is going well. Don’t give up the fight for a better work environment. It’s up to you and I know you can do it. E-mail me soon Sparky4326@aol.com.

    I love you tons,

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