oh, my!

this was a tuesday night,
you say?
e.e. cummings,
eat your heart out.

the noise is a bit much;
please turn up the bass.
faces, faces, faces, face.
white concrete wall place.

it’s just funny that
i could get away with this much.
here’s to baby trees
and telling bold-face lies.

small town to small city,
but getting bigger all the time.
the moments, moments.
always west wherever we go.

someday on my isle,
sipping drinks, sun, sea,
there we will be.
predicted as the weather.

why nervous?
those you see every day,
or once, but never once more.
this is very hard work.

i had forgotten that this was fall,
just as i had forgotten this was summer, still.
the heat does strange things
to those caught unprepared.

start now as i mean to go.
we’re through here.
we’re through, through and through.
see you when the new year is in bloom.

3 thoughts on “oh, my!

  1. Q, your poetry is really really amazing. Fucking amazing. I’m in awe at how you convey mood, images, and just..so much..with so few words.

    You should publish a book and get even more rich and famous.

    Also, the other night when you met all those people? They all thought you were insanely rich. All of them. If anyone in the world deserves to be a billionair it’s you. 🙂


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