God’s Scrapbook

The roll of thunder is constant and booming
As it rumbles through the night sky.
Every so often a huge crash sounds,
Like the heavens being split in two.
The lightening pulsates like the palpitations of my heart.
Storms never frighten me anymore;
I can’t place what seems to be scaring me so.
The night is cloaked heavily in darkness—
Like Dracula has swept his cape over the whole sky,
Hiding the stars from our eyes—
But with every brief flash of lightning things are clear as day.
It’s hardly raining, just a few drops here and there,
But still you can not restrain yourself from complaining.
I still don’t know why I’m here with you in the first place.

Most nights I come to this strip of sand
To sit and write and collect my thoughts before I turn in.
The tide coming or going is usually the only sound I hear.
I’ve never seen you out around these parts at night before,
Or even in broad daylight for that matter,
But of all the times for it of course
This stormy eve would be best suited for our encounter.

“You know that joke about thunder that old folks always tell kids?
How they say God’s bowling or something?”

“Mmm, not particularly a funny joke, but what about it?”
I always answer your questions with more questions.

“Nothing, really.” You pause and think for a moment.
“The lightening is so quick tonight.
It lights the whole beach up.
To me, it’s like God’s taking pictures
Of the ocean at night,
You know what I mean?”

I wish I did know.

I wish I could see the coast from His point of view.
It must be so beautiful; I don’t blame the angels for their weeping,
Because even from this sand dune I’ve
Let tears slide down my cheeks in awe.
Oh! and even now the tears come!

The lightning has passed, and only a faint booming
Can be heard of the thunder as it makes its way out to sea.
I always say a quick prayer for any ships
That may be out on these nights,
And the families of the crew left at home to worry.
You don’t see me crying, and even if you did,
I’m sure there’s nothing you would say.
No, you just grumble about the cleaning bill for your jacket,
And how much you dislike the feel of sand between your toes.
Sometimes I almost forget you don’t like the beach.
I love it so much, it seems nearly impossible for others not to.

“You don’t talk so much anymore.
You used to be so loud.
Remember all those times when…?”

I’m surprised you noticed any change in me,
And it seems my shock has shown itself,
For you’ve never been one to stop mid-sentence,
And now I’ve got you at a loss for words.

Oh, and how I hate when you look at me that way!
Things are so much simpler when we both ignore each other
Just like we’ve always done before.
You can’t keep throwing me curveballs like this,
I just don’t know how to play your game.

“There’s a lot that you don’t know,” you say softly.
Then you’re gone, simple as that.
One of these day’s I’m going to follow you.
I hope I’ll have another chance.

Now that you’ve left my side,
I realize how cold it is out here at night.
The storm is moving inland again, but just for an instant
I can hear the waves crashing on the shore,
Just like all the times before,
Only tonight was a little different
Because you were here with me,
And God has the proof in his scrapbook.

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